Go Swasth Yoga Yoga for Beginners: Definition of Yoga and Benefits of Yoga

Yoga for Beginners: Definition of Yoga and Benefits of Yoga

Yoga For Beginners

Hello! Friends, So here I come with Yoga. In this article, I will tell you about something Yoga for Beginners, Yoga Definition, and the benefits of Yoga. This article is purely for who don’t know about Yoga and how to do it and what is the importance of Yoga and how does the Yoga helps in stay healthy.

As our tagline says, “Fitness Matters, Wellness Works” so we bring this article to you. Stay Healthy and Keep supporting us. In this article, we will try to answer some questions like, how yoga is beneficial and why yoga is important? Let’s start with the Yoga from the beginning.


Firstly the Definition,

Definition of Yoga

The conventional definition of yoga is, “The art of making a connection between our body and consciousness to feel and explore ourselves is called Yoga.

Okay okay, let’s understand the definition of yoga with simple words. Yoga is like a discipline in which we learn how to control breathing, concentrate and meditate with different bodily postures. This is precious Wealth of Hindu Culture.

The definition of Yoga is different from mouth to mouth. Some say Yoga is the way to control your body and mind to achieve internal peace. For some,  Yoga is a process of becoming more aware of who we are.

Scientific Definition

Yoga is a science, it is a technique of body that consciously connect with ourselves and surroundings. For example, Controlling breath can lower our heartbeat rate.

Conventional Definition

In Sanskrit, Yoga means Sum or Union of the conscious mind to body and to nature. Yoga connects us to anything by the state of mind.

Now you all know the definition of yoga or what is yoga meaning in different fields. Yoga helps in many mental and physical improvements in our body. We will discuss this in the next topic, the Benefits of Yoga, and how it helps.


So here we go,

What are the Benefit of Yoga

If you ask someone who does yoga, what are the benefits of yoga, they simply told you that yoga keeps them healthy and stay more concentrated in their work.

Practicing Yoga improves both mental and physical health. Some of the benefit of yoga are:

  • Yoga decreases Stress

Yoga is very helpful in decreasing the stress. Because it lowers the secretion of stress hormone and it is scientifically proven.

  • Yoga improves your Heart Health
healthy heart

Heart is very crucial part of our body which helps in blood circulation throughout entire body. Heart pumps blood through blood vessels.

Yoga helps in improving Heart health which lowers the risk factors.

High blood pressure is responsible for the Heart Attacks and Stroke. Yoga helps in lowering the blood pressure which reduces the risk factors.

  • Fights with Depression

Yoga helps in lowering the secretion of the stress hormone called cortisol. This hormone controls the levels of serotonin (neurotransmitter) which related to depression.

If you want to know more about depression, you should check this.

  • Relieves Anxiety

Yoga is anonymously responsible for relieving anxiety. Many people said that they overcome anxiety by doing yoga.

  • Reduces Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a problem that persists for a long time because of any injury or arthritis.

Yoga helps in reducing chronic pain in many case like osteoarthritis.

  • Yoga improves Flexibility and increases Strength

There are many people who added yoga routines to their daily routines for improving flexibility. In addition to flexibility, yoga also strengthen and build your muscles.

There are many yoga poses that specifically strengthen and build muscles.

If you really wanted to build muscles then check this article: Best Exercises to Do at Home.

  • Improves Breathing

Yoga plays a vital role in improving breathing. Pranayama is an aasan which incorporates in improving the breathe and function of lungs.

There are many benefits for yoga which keeps us healthy and more active. Now you are able to answer all questions relatable to the Benefits of Yoga.

Yoga can be performed by doing aasan or postures. There are several yoga postures for beginners to start with. We will discuss about different postures in the next topic

Yoga Postures for Beginners

There are several yoga poses for beginners to pose them and achieve them. We will discuss here different poses which can be posed by beginners at home. Performing yoga is not a rocket science. It is very simple to perform. Always perform yoga in silent place to concentrate on poses.

I recommend you to do in the early morning. Air is slightly cool and fresh in the early morning.

Here are some beginner poses for yoga:

  • Tree
tree pose yoga

Tree pose is a great standing balance for beginners to work on focus and stability. It also helps in learn how to breathe and balance on single foot.

  • Plank
plank pose yoga

Planking strengths the arms and abdominal muscles. It teaches how to balance body on your arms.

  • Downward facing Dog
downward facing dog pose yoga

Downward facing dog pose is widely used in the world. It strengthen and stretches the entire body.

  • Child’s Pose
child's pose yoga

Child’s pose is best for relieving stress and feel free from all tensions. Everyone loves the child’s pose.

  • Seated Forward Bend
seated forward bend

This is very useful pose for hamstring and lower as well as upper back. It stretches the hamstring and lower back and open up. Breathing in this condition improves the ability to breathe in unfavorable conditions.

That’s all for this article. Now you are ready to start yoga at your place with all the relevant pieces of information.

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“Stay Healthy, Stay Active”

After all, “Yoga se hi Hoga”

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